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25 Mar 2021
Agatha Christie’s Beloved Property In Devon
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

She is undoubtedly the queen of the detective novel. Agatha Christie has delighted countless crime thriller fans all over the world for generations. Her books and their heroes have long since become a part of the pop culture. Whether…

29 May 2020
Famous People from Devon
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

If you are taking holidays in Devon and already visited all museums, took a hiking trip to explore the beautiful surroundings, tried the famous tea, and attended the festival, then you can make your own tour and find out…

08 Nov 2019
Family Fun In Devon This Winter
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

It’s getting colder in Britain in these later months, more cold than usual anyway which means you may feel a little isolated and forced to stay indoors. Devon wants to do away with this insular mindset and get you…

11 Sep 2019
Devon Summer Festivals
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

It’s that time again when the clouds part, the sun peers down and everyone begins to unearth their shortest of shorts and tightest of shirts. Summer is once again with us and with the season comes many a celebration,…

14 Jul 2019
The Living Coasts – Torquay
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

Devon’s Fun and Educational Coastal Zoo

One of the most beloved spots in Devon is the seaside town of Torquay. This area is a perfect spot for being by the open waters and has many nature spots all around it…

14 May 2019
Free Days Out in Devon
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

When the summer finally hits the kids become hyper, the days become long and your wallet becomes thinner. In order to keep the family happy your best bet is to go for a day out somewhere, but this can…

26 Mar 2019
Crealy Theme Park
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

Being closer to the equator, Devon is on the warmer side of England making any outdoor activities far more enjoyable here than in its cooler regions. This makes a day out at the theme park ideal, open air, lots…

26 Jan 2019
4 Great Café’s in Devon
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

Finley Brown’s Café

Chocoholics get ready to feed your inner urge here. This place is all about chocolaty goodness and it doesn’t’ scrimp on the portions or the varieties. If you want a hot chocolate, you will love the options…

22 Mar 2018
The History of the Cob House
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

Across the globe earth has been used as a building material because it is readily available and exists wherever people have dwelt throughout the ages. Thus, throughout the world you can see examples of earth in the…

12 Mar 2018
The Wildlife of Devon
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

The county of Devon in the South West of England is a truly beautiful part of the world and has a great deal to offer any visitor. Whether you are looking for an adventurous outdoor experience or…

03 Mar 2018
The Moorlands of Devon, England
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

England is blessed with many wonderful national parks and a great many historical features which drawn millions of visitors to the country each year. The South West of the country is especially popular with the…

27 Feb 2018
Best Places to Eat in the Southwest of England
by Miranda  Categories: Hotel   0 Comments

Here are some of the best restaurants in the Southwest of England. (more…)

Where to eat in Devon England

Accommodation in England is quite comfortable.

Devon has some of the best hotels in the country from small and friendly hotels to grand and luxurious ones, laid back self-catering to the ultimate B&B, campsite to caravan parks, farm holiday to clamping site;

Devon has it all. If you like guest house or bed and breakfast more then you don’t have to worry because there are lots of right B&B guest house in Devon.

The beautiful county offers a lovely holiday with static yachts located in picturesque quayside locations or a VQ camper for your own real surfs up feel.

Here are some of the places you can stay when visiting Devon England…


Where to eat in Devon England

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