Devon Summer Festivals

It’s that time again when the clouds part, the sun peers down and everyone begins to unearth their shortest of shorts and tightest of shirts. Summer is once again with us and with the season comes many a celebration, festivals are popping up all over the country and Devon is a particularly great spot to enjoy nature out in the open. From live music to indulgent food gatherings all manner of things bring people together as the festival season kicks off. Here are just some of the activities you can get onboard with while the weather is on our side.

Devon Street Food Festival – August 2nd – 4th

If you love your food this one is for you, get ready to fill your boots with food from all around the world all handily made available to you here in Devon. Running from midday to 10PM daily you can gorge on the wondrous selection here for a whole eight hours. Brought to you by the Street Food Warehouse, this youthful crew are experts at preparing on the go foods that include mouth watering pizzas, stomach filling burritos and bulging bowls of veggie and curry goodness. No matter your preference or dietary requirements there will be something here to stop everyone’s hunger.

Devon Street Food Festival - August 2nd - 4th

Devon Street Food Festival – August 2nd – 4th

Sidmouth Folk Festival – August 2nd – 9th

One of Devon’s most well-loved events this large scale celebration with traditional flair brings fun dances and joyful costumes to centre stage. This isn’t your average festival out in a field however, what happens here spreads all across the towns in the region as thousands of different businesses get involved in the festivities. With over 700 different events stretching out over miles of Devonshire land you can be sure to see live music, classic dances and parades and find special festival goodies everywhere. If you want to see Devon come alive this is your opportunity.

Love Summer Festival – August 9th – 12th

If you aren’t seeing enough music events for your liking, then you are in luck because the Love Summer Festival is all about big crowds of music fans. Get ready to dance your socks off all weekend to the sounds of Dave Pearce, Brandon Block, Daytoner and The Electric Swing Circus keep you jumping all night long. Whether you are camping or bringing a caravan the facilities here are great especially when compared to other outdoor festivals. Just remember to bring you best dance moves and plenty of water.

Steampunk Family Festival - August 16th - 18th

Steampunk Family Festival – August 16th – 18th

Steampunk Family Festival – August 16th – 18th

This may not be the niche fandom you are quite expecting. This festival is centred around the working village and mine where visitors are taken back in time to explore a world without modern conveniences. Though this may around a little dull at first there are plenty of activities for kids and adults. You can ride the copper train, play dress up as you try on Victorian costumes and even make chocolate. During the festival there will be steampunk stores, crafting and more for those who love cogs and top hats, and speaking of tops, live music from none other than Toploader themselves will be here.