4 Great Café’s in Devon

Finley Brown’s Café

Chocoholics get ready to feed your inner urge here. This place is all about chocolaty goodness and it doesn’t’ scrimp on the portions or the varieties. If you want a hot chocolate, you will love the options here as they have a terrific variety that come adorned with cream and a variety of fancy toppings. If you would prefer to eat your chocolate however then get ready for cake, because there is plenty of it. Dripping with icing and cocoa ganache and filled with dense chocolate sponge and cream the cakes here will keep your fiendish appetite satiated all the way up until tomorrow when you will beg to come back.

Cream Tea Café

As their name might suggest you can grab a seat here and enjoy two scones with clotted cream and jam with a pot of tea for one. A classic Devonshire breakfast, lunch or anytime snack, but this place also has a few tricks up its sleeve that are more exciting than what locals may have come to expect as the norm. their lunch menu for example has a selection of tasty treats that range from pedestrian cheese to a tasty toastie they call the ‘moody blues’. This grilled sandwich is filled with local Devon blue cheese and tasty chunks of that sweet jam like substance that often comes with poppadoms, together making a sweet and tangy lunchtime treat you wont quickly forget. With fudge sundaes and banoffee milkshakes here too, little ones and older folks will enjoy the tastes at this highly rated favourite.


Starting out as a small gift shop that sold all manner of items from throw cushions to toiletries, the oddly named independent store brandishing a logo of a hedgehog now also sells a tasty selection of edible treats. With a dedicated vegan menu so tasty that it has omnivores happy to visit too, it’s a great place to stop by whichever diet you choose. With plenty of cakes to munch, unique loose-leaf teas to sip and site roasted coffee beans, there is a lot to enjoy here. And to wrap it all up (literally), they make sure toy use only ethical packaging, which means you can eat your treats and bin your wrapping with an entirely clean conscience.

Valley View Café

Head here on a warm day and soak in the view from their gardens that stretch across he green and yellow fields behind it. With breakfast and lunch on offer here you can expect to fill yourself up with some hearty meats as well as extra veggies thrown in places for good measure. For example, their big butchers breakfast has all the morning staples of a full English covered, where as their BLAT adds an avocado to the classic sandwich for extra creaminess. There is a selection of Devon style tea options as you would expect here as well as some extra sweet treats that include lemon drizzle, carrot cakes and even an alluring white chocolate and raspberry flapjack.