Agatha Christie’s Beloved Property In Devon

Agatha Christie's Beloved Property In Devon

She is undoubtedly the queen of the detective novel. Agatha Christie has delighted countless crime thriller fans all over the world for generations. Her books and their heroes have long since become a part of the pop culture. Whether it is the quirky old lady Miss Marple or the fussy Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, fans love their novels. Her fictional stories are unique, but the private life of this writer has also inspired the imagination of her fans for decades.

Fans will never forget her Lost Weekend when she suddenly disappeared without a trace. Their reappearance without comment is still a source of speculation today. Her last novel with Hercule Poirot demonstrated her unique sense of tension. It was written in her prime and hidden in the vault for many years. The Publishers released the book after her death. The central focus of her life was the Greenway Estate. The Devon estate continues to attract fans from around the world to this day. The country estate is on the banks of the River Dart near Galmpton. The manor house with its 112-hectare gardens has existed since the 15th century. Agathe Christie bought the house after her first success as a writer at a comparatively very affordable price. She used it as a summer residence. Today it belongs to the National Trust.

The Ultimate Location

History knows the impressive property since 1493. Over the centuries, the property changed hands several times. Agatha Christie bought Greenway Estate in 1938; she paid £6,000 at the time. She spent her summers there with her second husband. The two devoted themselves to gardening and sports. At the same time, this is the possession of the famous writer as inspiration for her work. That is assured, for example, for the novels Five Little Pigs and Dead Man’s Folly. The latter also used Greenway Estate several times as a filming location to implement the story for the cinema or television.

The Ultimate Location

The Ultimate Location

In Dead Man’s Folly, the master detective Hercule Poirot and his friend Adriadne Oliver hunt a murderer on an English country estate during a murder scavenger hunt. Greenway Estate plays an essential role in the film with Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot, as it does years later in the TV series with David Suchet in the part of the detective. Incidentally, Suchet got to know the Agatha Christie family after his engagement at the property. He would then play the role for 25 years.

The actor also spent his last day of shooting at the end of the entire film adaptation of all Poirot stories in Agatha Christie’s summer house. The crew ended the series with the filming of Dead Man’s Folly. After the writer’s death, the family transferred the property to the National Trust. They raised a million pounds to restore the property. That is now accessible to visitors. In 2004, the BBC made a documentary about the history of Greenway Estate. Today you can visit the impressive house in the same condition as it was in the time of Agatha Christie.