Best Food to Eat In Devon England

Devon is a county in the south of England with a lot of attractions and historical ground. If you are planning to visit Devon, it is essential to know the best food available around Devon England. There is plenty to see and do but the food is amount some of the best. Devon provides some of the best food and drink in the world from amazing award-winning fish chips to a fantastic home-cooked vegetarian food. At Devon, everything is on offer from the freshest local seafood you will ever have to great ales and local wine. Fudges and ice creams are something you should have on your visit to Devon England.


Devon is known to produce some of the most tantalizing fresh seafood in the world. They have the sweetest local seafood to try as they have different types of seafood ranging from fish, lobster, shrimps, oysters among others. The seafood at Devon restaurants is sourced from various places from all over the world all to ensure that they serve you with the best seafood. Their ingredients are made from local ingredients to ensure the meals are as tasty as they could be.


A trip to Devon is never complete without taking time to check out one of their beautiful cream teas. There is nothing more delightful than a freshly baked scone piled high with creamy cream and delicious jam with a very steaming pot of tea. You shouldn’t forget that there is a favourite way to eat in Devon and that is cream on first.


Devon has a lot of culinary success due to its fantastic landscape. The county is served by temperate, clean waters that offer the best of seafood in the British Isles and their fertile soil produces some of the best vegetables to give you excellent nutrition and good grassland for grazing environment. The farmers at Devon take the situation seriously, and there has been an increase in the number of 100% organic and environmentally conscious farmers, producing crunchy, delicious vegetables for restaurants all around which have earned this restaurant awards and accreditation from recognized bodies because they provide the best green available. The cool climate allows diners to get unusual products for a perfect green.


All the fantastic food in Devon will need something delicious accompany them, so you should remember to seek out the local wines, ales and of course the cider. Devon is well-known for its traditional scrumpy, and there is more to the west countryside. Sharpham cheese and wine vineyard have won both international and national awards including the UKVA outstanding wine 2010 in their Estate section. The vineyards offer tours and tasters a lovely café-restaurant in a beautiful spot on river Dart so that you can have a significant foodie day out. If you are looking for something strong, visit the Plymouth Gin Distillery, and if you are non-alcoholic, there is plenty of fresh organic apple juice to check out.