Crealy Theme Park

Being closer to the equator, Devon is on the warmer side of England making any outdoor activities far more enjoyable here than in its cooler regions. This makes a day out at the theme park ideal, open air, lots of relaxed walking and fun rides to bring some extra excitement into your day. All this and more can be done in Exeter at Crealy Theme Park & Resort.

Kids and adults will both love the attractions here that range from toddler friendly free paced roamers to high octane coasters and everything in between. Starting with the little ones there are bunch of open areas with mini adventures where parents can see and supervise kids all along the way. Buddy Bear’s kingdom begins with a soft play area for smaller ones, height restrictions will keep children too small from heading anywhere here they can’t handle. In the adventure zone rope swings, ball pits, fun swinging rope walkways and crazy slides make for a more exciting playhouse. As far as rides go there are some steady tea cups, a carousel and more, while there are also a series of fun places to walk or mini games scattered around the park too.

If the weather is particularly warm you may wish to cool down in one of the many wet areas. Jump aboard the Vortex which is the worlds first water coaster and grab a two person dinghy as you soar through tunnels and drop through wet tubes of splashing fun. If you are in a large group, you will love the aqua blasters where the rapids meet bumper cars. Here you drift along a steady watery track as you knock your friends craft and take shots at them with the fitted water cannon. Of course, it wouldn’t be a theme park without a good log flume, the Tidal Wave is here to drop you 40 feet into a soaking spray that will really wake you up. Though if you don’t want to dry off at all head to the soak zone where fountains, water cannons and pools keep flowing all day long.

For those wanting to get a bit more extreme there are more ides that will give you the feeling of exhilaration you may be looking for. The flying machine will take you up and turn you round in a large circle giving you the feeling of weightlessness, while the Jolly Roger  and the flying Dutchman are the resident pirate ships giving you that stomach flipping sensation of being at sea. The Maximus rollercoaster is a high speed runaway train that has a little nod to the history of the area too. The big ride here is the Twister. This spinning coaster will have you corkscrewing back down to the ground at breakneck speeds while independently spinning too. Get ready to leave this one not knowing your left from your right, but still wanting to take another go at it. All these rides and more are available at Crealy for a guaranteed fun family day out.