Family Fun In Devon This Winter

It’s getting colder in Britain in these later months, more cold than usual anyway which means you may feel a little isolated and forced to stay indoors. Devon wants to do away with this insular mindset and get you out and about even if the weather isn’t fantastic. With attractions for kids, teens and adults and plenty of shopping to do in the run up to Christmas, the southwest has an abundance of events on that will keep you entertained, fed and in good spirits.

The Big Sheep

This family friendly place is packed out in the summer thanks to its theme park but unlike similar establishments this place is open all year round. With indoor events still taking place and a host of winter themed spectacles the Big Sheep is happy to have you. Adults can enjoy pottery classes where you will hand craft creations that make for perfect customised Christmas gifts, meanwhile pre schoolers can take part in classes and kids of all ages will adore their breakfast with Santa. With Black Friday sales, a Christmas market for eager shoppers and parties themed around Disney’s Frozen, this place is far from quiet in the winter months.

Pennywell Farm

Starting in late November the staff, animals and guests are all part of the Christmas story up at Pennywell farm. Their quest here is to bring the events of the nativity to life as a menagerie of animals and their manger setting bring the story of Jesus’ first moments to life. Children and parents can take part as costumes are provided for those who want to really get stuck into the event while you are free to spectate from the side lines if you prefer. To top it all off a big visit from Father Christmas himself will delight everyone in attendance as he appears accompanied by playful elves.

VR Cirque Du Soleil

If you fancy something a little different this winter you should head over to the University of Plymouth and head to their immersive visualisation lab, this season they are putting on a show that you will not want to miss. You may already be familiar with the famous performers known for their death defying, breathtakingly high acrobatics and elaborate dances, this time you will get to experience this and far more thanks to the magic of virtual reality. Thanks to some terrific cameras and some outstanding computer animation the three-act performance you will witness here promises to be out of this world.

The Model Village

The Model Village

The Model Village

If colourful lights and the image of cosy houses get you in the Christmas spirit, then you will love what the model village has to offer. Head here to be thrust into several scenes of Christmas joy as their carefully made and highly detailed miniatures depict scenes of holiday fun. Find your way round a Christmas maze, search high and low for all the hidden Santa figures and check out the happy elves working away inside. If this isn’t enough to whisk you into a yuletide frenzy, then climb aboard their 4D ride where you will be transported to the north pole for a lightning tour around Saint Nick’s workshop.