Free Days Out in Devon

When the summer finally hits the kids become hyper, the days become long and your wallet becomes thinner. In order to keep the family happy your best bet is to go for a day out somewhere, but this can quickly become costly. Theme parks, movie tickets, shows and concerts all hurt your bank account and this is before you have fed and watered everyone. If you are looking for a destination that will give smaller ones space to let off some steam while not cutting into their own savings, Devon has you covered.

Though there are a handful of paid entertainment spots you may want to check out, thanks to the blissful coastlines and the far more pleasurable weather, Devon is home to many spots ideal for a day or two outdoors, getting you all back in touch with history and nature. Whether you and yours are fans of a day at the beach or a good hike, there is something here for you. If you are animal lovers or like a good wander round a historical site or two, you won’t be disappointed either. Here is what Devon has available with no admission fee on the door.

Get Medieval – Exeter Medieval Trail

Here you can learn about the middle ages and how Exeter was at the heart of development during this time. Several information panels will give you a brief lesson in what happened here many years ago, while you can see how things have changed by what remains today. Learn about the Norman movement, the city’s past with Henry VII and how the famous Exeter Cathedral was created.

Get Crafty – Devon Guild of Craftsmen

Whether you get stuck into crafting yourself or if you just enjoy admiring the skills of others, at this spot you can do both. Open seven days a week this location is host to a pair of galleries with activities and a café that are all family friendly. With everything from textiles to pottery on display here, you may end up getting inspired to create your own handmade items when you get back home.

Get Friendly – The Donkey Sanctuary

What kids don’t like donkeys? These four-legged, gentle creatures are a staple at British seaside, while here in East Devon you will find them relaxing in the stables and out in the fields. Here kids can meet and stroke the resident donkeys while open areas allow for play and a nearby café provides a break for the parents. Here everyone will learn more about these lovable animals and you can even sponsor one if you get particularly attached.

Get Friendly – The Donkey Sanctuary

Get Walking – Dartmoor and Exmoor

This pair of national parks should keep you busy for days between them both. With breathtaking landscapes, miles of trails to walk and their own native wildlife that comes in the form of ponies, birds and Devonshire cattle, creating your own adventure here has so many benefits. Get high up amongst the rocks or down on the beaches, no matter where you go here you will have a terrific outdoor experience